There are many ways to get involved with CTRL by contributing your technology and legal expertise.

  1. Write a blog post on legal technology issues
  2. Submit research to the case law wiki
  3. Iterate the protocol and model stipulation
  4. Contribute to the forums
  5. Join the CTRL Initiative LinkedIn Group
  6. Tag @CTRLInitiative on Twitter
  7. Join us at a local event
  8. Sign up for the newsletter

One of the best ways is to contribute your mental capital to our forum and discuss what you think is working, what’s not, what’s missing the mark altogether, etc. This community only works with every member of the community offering suggestions for improvements that can be made in the review process. CTRL is a platform to publish your legal scholarship and thoughts, please email any content submissions to Dean Gonsowski, dean[AT]ctrlinitiative.com. Volunteer editors and researchers are also available to assist in the development of specialized projects.

We appreciate those persons and organizations that want to offer their support in more traditional methods. Although we need your time, we also need your contributions to keep the open source spirit alive in order to keep the website up and continually evolving and to provide the type of webinars and seminars you need to keep your practice ahead of the curve. We have a variety of sponsorship levels available for individuals and organizations here. To find out more click here.