The 2015 CTRL Data Analytics Survey

CTRL 2015 Survey


While there has been a huge push around the use of advance analytics, the extent to which the legal community has adopted these technologies remains unclear. CTRL is exploring the use of data analytics by the legal community across several use cases.

CTRL is an industry education and research group committed to the development of practical and proactive guidance for lawyers as they attempt to leverage various technologies in their practice. The IGI is conducting this research on behalf of CTRL.

“Part of the challenge CTRL is trying to solve is the consumption gap between the availability of existing technologies and practitioner adoption – which is definitely a challenge for the legal profession that isn’t renowned for being early adopters. That said, advanced analytics, big data initiatives, and machine learning applications are impacting every business sector, and the focal point of this innovative survey is to see how far along adoption was for a range of legal use cases.” — Dean Gonsowski, President/Founder of CTRL.

The CTRL survey is the first annual version and will provide a baseline that can be used to measure increases in adoption rates over time. If you are an attorney working in an “in-house” role (e.g. at a private, non-profit, governmental, or educational entity), please take survey today. Your input is important. We cannot collect meaningful results without the help of practitioners. The survey should take less than 15 minutes of your time.


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