Are lawyers tech-adverse? Or do they not know what to use?

Are lawyers tech-adverse? Or do they not know what to use?

Author: Lecia Kaslofsky, FactBox

A November 2015 Google report reveals three insights about lawyers looking at technology:

#1: Lawyers are doing more searches in Google that fall into the “legal software” category. This category includes searches for terms like practice management software, document management software, discovery software, litigation software, etc.

“Legal Software” category searches increased 12% in the 3rd quarter of 2015 as compared to the 3rd quarter of 2014.

This percent increase is comparable to previous years’ growth. Clearly the interest is there and growing.

#2: Lawyers are doing more searching and finding on their phones.

“Legal Software” category searches increased 37% over the same period.

The same report showed where the searches are being conducted. Searches on phones – not on desktop/laptop computers; not on tablets – increased significantly by 37%. During the same period, desktop searches decreased 1% and tablet searches declined by 5%.

Additionally, searchers are clicking through for additional information on their search results more often on phones than ever before.

The number of click-throughs on phones increased 17% while click-throughs on desktops and tablets decreased by 17% and 19% respectively.

This indicates an increasing comfort level of doing more on a smartphone than just email, phone and search.

#3: Half of all searches are done off the desktop now.

Source: Google internal search data, based on pre-categorized queries for the Legal Software.

As they say, the truth is in the numbers.  The search terms, frequency and methods captured by Google are better indicators of interest in legal software than polls or anecdotes. These numbers are indicating that the interest is there and the interest in mobile.

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